Thursday, November 2, 2017

A Professional Organizer's Morning Routine: Helen Schutz

I first met Helen Schutz at a NAPO Houston meeting and then got the pleasure of getting to know her a little more at the NAPO Conference in Pittsburgh this past year. 

Here is her morning routine: 

Monday – P/T OFFICE DAY - Wake up at 5:20NEVER HIT SNOOZE, take shower, make matcha tea, eat yogurt, skim newspaper, get dressed and out the door by 6:15 – I usually lay out or have a mental picture of what I’m wearing to the office that day based on weather, work conditions, etc.

Tuesday – P/T BUSINESS DAY – Wake up around 6 (no alarm), make tea, eat yogurt, skim newspaper, work on computer, get ready for clients (grab folders, paperwork, etc.), take 30 min. walk (if I have time after working), shower, get dressed and out the door by 8:30a.  I usually have 1-2 clients on Tuesday.

Wednesday – P/T OFFICE DAY – Repeat of Monday – out the door by 6:15a

Thursday – P/T BUSINESS DAY – Repeat of Tuesday except I leave for my Sugar Land client by 9:30a.  I usually have 1-2 clients on Thursday.

Friday – P/T OFFICE DAY & P/T BUSINESS DAY – Repeat of Friday morning – out the door by 6:15a – PLUS I have at least 1 client on Friday.

I’m super regimented and my breakfast & schedule rarely changes M-F.  I’m definitely a “morning person”.  So that’s my morning routine. 

I’ve attached my photo and logo.  Here’s a link to my website:

My specialty is bookkeeping and financial organizing.  I mostly work with clients that own multiple businesses.  I help them manage their money and all the administrative duties that go along with running businesses (filing taxes, payroll, generating reports, etc.).  I am also a Daily Money Manager and member of AADMM.  I do a lot of digital filing systems, cloud backup systems and records management.  I work mostly in River Oaks, Memorial and Sugar Land.

I mostly get clients through word of mouth or through other NAPO organizers.

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