Monday, September 30, 2013

This & That: Maldon Salt To-Go

I am trying to introduce a small section of posts called "This & That" of things that I am into at the moment. I will probably post something every couple of weeks in this section. More than likely this will be actual items, but sometimes they may be destinations, quotes, etc. whatever my heart desires at the moment. 

Today what I am really into is the Maldon Salt in mini to-go tins. I found them at Sur la Table for $2. I really like Maldon Salt and use it when cooking. These are perfect sizes for traveling with.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Happy People

Happy Friday!

I have been seeing this article, The Habits of Supremely Happy People from Huffington Post on several blogs lately and loved the article, so I thought I would share. These are all things that are so simple we can all do to be happier if we make the effort to do so.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Organizing Greeting Cards

Organizing greeting cards is a hard thing to do and I searched Pinterest up and down trying to figure out the best way to organize / display them because there are some that I really wanted to keep. One way that was suggested, that I tried, was to get metal rings and punch a hole in two areas of the card and put rings in the two holes punched. See below.

I really didn't want to do that with some because I was thinking in the future I may want to display some in frames, etc. So I came up a way that I know is tedious, but essentially how I wanted to display them. I purchased clear projector sheets 100 sheets for $21 at OfficeMax (in case there was something on the back of the card / envelope I wanted displayed), a binder from Target that I really liked, sheet protectors I already had (but that can be purchased at OfficeMax), bakers twine, scissors and tape. I decided to work on cards that I had given my husband throughout the years of dating and marriage that he had been keeping in a file folder. I also did the cards we got from our wedding too.

  1. Cut strips of bakers twine and tape
  2. Arrange the cards on the projector paper 
  3. Put the string down the middle of the card and tape down
  4. Put into sheet protector (optional)
  5. Put into a binder

There may be a more effective way that I just didn't think of too, but this way worked for me. I know this isn't a very environmentally friendly thing to do as it's so much plastic. The binder is the Greenroom eco line at Target. I am eco in many many other ways. I can't always be perfect in that aspect, but do the best I can.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Organizing RSVP Cards

I really liked Bryan and I's RSVP cards because we used a mad lib style stamp that we got on Etsy along with some scalloped ivory cards we found at Paper Source to stamp on with silver ink. Since they were a mad lib style people wrote in various sentiments (some nothing at all). Some were sweet and some were funny. We really enjoyed reading all of them. 

I struggled with finding how to display them since I wanted to keep them. Then one day, I am not really sure why I hadn't thought of it sooner, it hit me to get the divided sheet protectors from Hobby Lobby in the scrapbook section and put them into a binder. I found a burlap binder that I really liked because the bottom half of my bouquet had burlap wrapped around it. Luckily the size of the RSVP card was 4.25" x 5.5", so it fit perfectly into the sheet protectors. Plus, if you are not aware Hobby Lobby often has various sales on different sections of the store and the sheet protectors and binder were 50% off or you can always print a 40% coupon off on their website.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Cleaning Calendar

Since we are on the topic of cleaning this week, I thought I would share another cleaning chart this time from the Little Green Notebook blog. This chart suggests what you should do daily, weekly and on swing days. Now if I can only stick with it, which is usually the hardest part. Once you get in the habit of doing something it usually becomes pretty easy to keep up with.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Clean House

One thing I really do not like doing is cleaning house. I don't completely mind it right now, but it is annoying. I like this chart that I found on Life on Paper blog. Bryan and I have been debating for a while whether or not get a housekeeper. Bryan REALLY wants one and I think why spend the money if we can clean ourselves just fine. We live in an older 1920s home that is sooooo hard to keep clean. We have no problem picking up after ourselves and staying organized, but I feel like there is constant dust and dirt because of the windows, foundation shifts, cracks, etc. When we move in the future we will probably get a housekeeper if we can afford it.

Monday, September 16, 2013

I Work Because...

Happy Monday! I loved this Jason Bacher saying when I first saw it because I feel it describes me. I love working and I love what I am doing right now. Although there are ups and downs, I still keep on going and try to think how I want to grow my business. We will see what the future holds.

Friday, September 13, 2013


Here is another chart that I like from Avie Designs on budgeting. Budgeting for me personally is easier said than done at times. I sometimes set small personal goals for saving if I know we have a trip or vacation planned, so I will save money months in advanced so I don't feel completely overwhelmed when it comes time for the trip. Unfortunately, more times than not we always end up spending more money than we expected. Lately, we have been saving for a house and have been doing great about setting money aside. Where we find we spend money after bills is eating out. We love trying new restaurants and bars, but lately have been cutting back. I am hoping to stick to a budget similar to this one above.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wardrobe Pare Down

I love this colorful wardrobe pare down chart from the Mimi + Meg blog. One of my clients found it online earlier this year before I had a Saturday closet organizing session with her. I love how colorful this chart is and this is all stuff that I tell my clients when we do closet organization.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Stamps

Lately I have really been into using stamps more. I have always liked them and have several, but always forget to use them. These are some that I ordered from Ann-Marie Loves Paper. The "For / From" stamp makes it easy for me to make my own gift tags. The Christmas one I plan on putting on the envelopes of my Christmas / Holiday card mailings in December. The "Nice Package" one I thought was just goofy and I will be using it when I mail packages.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day! Hope you are enjoying your, hopefully, extended weekend. My husband, in laws and I are coming back from a relaxing weekend out town at our uncle and aunt's lake house in East Texas.