Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Client Birthday Organization: Closet Organization Before + After

This client's assistant / nanny called me right before the holidays because all the client wanted for her birthday was for someone to come in and organize her closet. She just moved into a new home in Tanglewood and you can see below what the before pictures looked like. We spent several hours rearranging and organizing the closet. We used product they already had. 

Here are some of the products she had in her closet already:

Similar shoeboxes 



Monday, May 28, 2018

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to all who have fought and continue to fight for our freedom.

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Friday, May 25, 2018

Eco Product Review Vapour AER Deodorant

I did a video review of one of my favorite new natural, eco deodorants, Vapour's AER. You can also view this post where I talked about it as well. What is one of your favorite eco deodorants? 

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

How to Get Organized for Summer Camp

With Summer right around the corner, so many kids are getting ready to head off to summer camp. As a professional organizer I get called to help with summer camp organization and have been helping families around Houston prepare to send their kiddos off to summer camp. Last week, I wrote a blog post with a summer camp packing list. This week I thought I would go over some tips for getting organized for camp.

Packing list. If you don't have a packing list you can use this one as a guide or start writing down and creating your own. 
Gather. Gather all items you will need from the list.
Label everything. Write your child's name in their clothes, towels, bedding, etc. with a sharpie or get labels similar to these
Plan outfits. Begin to layout outfits and you can pack outfits in individual plastic baggies or reusable ones if that would be helpful to them. I have done this with many clients and it makes it very organized and the kids have no worries about what to wear. Or you can pack clothes items, towels, bedding, etc. in packing cubes
Gather toiletries. Begin packing their toiletries this or this are good options depending on how much stuff your child will be taking to camp. 
Contain. I have used this to hold items such as their stationary, markers, coloring books, creative activities, journals, etc. 
Contain some more. Using shoe boxes or these accessory boxes are great to hold other small accessories.
Consider shipping items. If there are items that are too bulky to lug through an airport or not enough room in the car, consider shipping items to the camp.
Pack. Begin packing everything into large duffel bags, suitcases or trunk.
Have fun!
Plan something fun. When they get home have something fun planned for them, so they can keep the excitement going.
Forgetting things. If they forget something or need something at camp, ship it or Amazon Prime it to them.

Let me know if there is anything I should add. Now happy camping!

Monday, May 21, 2018

Made in the USA + Eco: Fitglow Beauty Products

The Fitglow Redness Cream and Cloud Comfort were products that came in my monthly Beauty Heroes box. It is eco and made in the USA.  I love that it gets a 0 on the Think Dirty beauty scale. It makes my skin feel so soft. What are some of your favorite green beauty products you are loving?

Friday, May 18, 2018

10 Things that Make Me Happy April

  • Going to our first Astros game of the season.
  • Speaking about decluttering and organization at VillaSport.
  • Spending Easter with family.
  • Volunteering for new organizations & events like US Men's Clay and Heroes & Handbags.
  • Starting a new workout regimen that is kicking my ass.
  • Going to the NAPO Conference.
  • Staying at Alpine Inn in Hot Springs, AR. 
  • Going to see the Foo Fighters at The Woodlands Pavilion.
  • Seeing family in Chicago. 
  • Taking time off to travel to and from NAPO conference. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

NAPO 2018 Conference Recap

NAPO 2018 Conference started off with a bang! This year it was retreat style at the Q Center in a suburb of Chicago called St. Charles, IL. It was so fun to have 9 NAPO Houston members join in on the fun this year. The best part, our own Ellen Delap was NAPO President this past year. Below is a daily recap. This was also cross posted on the NAPO Houston blog.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Several NAPO Houston team members, Gayle Goddard, Mary Jo Contello, Liana George, Meredith Brister and Amy Vance,  arrived at the Q Center. Except Ellen Delap, who was already there. Since some were already busy and some didn't arrive until late, we walked the property to get acquainted with everything. At dinner many of us talked to new & old colleagues and friends. 

Friday, April 27th, 2018

Everyone else on the NAPO Houston chapter team arrived! This included, Susan Wade, Karen Baker and Valerie Thompson. Today began the big day of learning. Early in the morning some of us went to the leadership forum, some slept in, some hiked and others began to arrive at the center. We met for lunch and all went to see the keynote speaker Jessica Butts talk about personality types. Plus, an awesome bonus upon arriving for the keynote was that we all got swag bags filled with a Time Timer, a Container Store pouch (one of my favorite pouches ever that I use constantly), Meori foldable box and all kinds of other goodies. As the day winded down and we finished up various classes, we all met in the cafeteria for a Houston group photo! Afterwards we were supposed to have a bonfire, but it got rained out so it was turned into an indoor bonfire. Then many of us stayed up WAY too late chatting. 

Saturday, April 28th, 2018

Since we were at a "retreat" this year, many of us got up and went to a 6:30am yoga or belly dancing session. Then it was another full day of conference sessions and learning. Midday was the NAPO annual meeting and awards. Our friends and colleagues in NAPO Dallas / Ft. Worth won chapter of the year! At night was the president's reception where we ate, drank, sang and danced the night away. Then a few of us once again, stayed up WAY too late chatting. 

Sunday, April 29th, 2018

This was our final day here. Some of us left early while others stayed for the conference sessions and then headed out. 

Overall, the conference was another great success full of fellowship, learning, laughter and FUN!! Will you be attending next year in Dallas / Ft. Worth? 

NAPO banner conference photos courtesy of

Monday, May 14, 2018

Summer Camp Packing List

Lately, I have been helping with summer camp organization and thought I would compile a list of everything needed. Let me know if I left anything out. 

Clothing. This includes shirts, shorts, pants, sweaters, outwear, layering items, pjs, workout gear, etc.
Socks. Regular and hiking socks.
Shoes. Tennis shoes, hiking boots, flip flops.
Raincoat / poncho. In case it rains.
Hat. To protect you while you are outside.
Swimsuit. In case there is a lake or pool.
Toiletries. Include shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothbrush, tooth paste, hair brush, hair ties, face wash, make up, razor, deodorant, vitamins, etc.
Sunscreen. A must for being out in the sun.
Bug spray. Great to keep off unwanted bugs and mosquitoes.
Camera. This can be digital, disposable or underwater or instant film camera to get photos with friends.
Film. For camera that need it.
Batteries. To power your fan, radio &/or clock.
Fan. To keep you cool.
Sheets. For your bed.
Comforter. For your bed.
Blanket. For your bed.
Pillow. For your bed.
Bed pad. For your bed.
Towels. Have several to switch off and don't forget the beach towels.
Laundry bag. For all of your dirty laundry.
Backpack. To take with you for various activities, such as hiking.
Shower caddy. To hold all of your toiletries for the bathroom.
Journal. To write down all of your memories.
Stationary. To send letters.
Pens / pencils. For the journal and stationary.
Stamps. To send letters.
Address book. To send letters.
Art supplies. Include markers, coloring books, scissors, glue, etc.
Pouches / baggies. In case you need them for various things like mementos, toiletries, etc.
Medication. Include medicine taken on a daily basis, pain relief, heart burn, allergies, etc.
Flashlight. A necessity for camp.
Personal photos. To remember those at home.
Book. To read in your spare time.
Book light. In case you want to read at night.
First aid kit. Just in case you need something immediately and can't make it over to the medic.
Outdoor gear. Such as fishing poles, life jackets (if needed), chairs, etc.
Radio. To listen to.
Clock. For the alarm to wake up or to just see what time it is.
Cash. Just in case you need it for the camp store.
Snacks. In case you get hungry.
Compass. To know what direction you are going during hikes.
Waterproof matches. In case you need them while camping.
Wipes. To clean off surfaces, your body, etc.
Multifunction tool. Just in case you need it for various things while outdoors.
Water bottle / canteen. For your outdoor activities.
Mini disinfectant spray. To clean down surfaces.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Tip: One Thing to Do Today to Be More Productive

If there is one thing that you do today to be more product. Use the Pomodoro technique and unsubscribe from your emails you no longer want for one hour. Believe me, you will feel liberated. I don't know about you, but I get SO many unwanted emails.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

A Houston Professional Organizer's Playroom Organization Tips

Anyone else struggle with keeping their playroom clean and organized? Here are a few tips to help you stay organized with the playroom. Still struggling after watching the video? Eco Modern Concierge would love to help or visit to find a professional organizer in Houston or whatever city you may be in . What are some tips you have? 

Monday, May 7, 2018

Amazon Prime Mother's Day Gift Guide + The Gift of Organization

Mother's Day is later this week and here are some various gift ideas you can get on Amazon Prime. Plus, the gift of organization. What are your Mother's Day gift ideas.

Laminator: This is a great gift for those who like to get organized and protect various documents. It is wonderful for personal and creative uses.

Eco Modern Concierge Gift Certificate: Does your mom need extra help getting organized or those errands accomplished? Consider giving the gift of a professional organizer or concierge services.

Succulents: Did you know you can buy plants on Amazon? Succulents and other plants are always perfect for the mom who loves plants and gardening.

Air Fryer: Air fryers are perfect for the mom who loves to cook.

Insulated Cups: These come in fun colors and are perfect for wine, soda or any other beverage.

Collapsible Wagon: We gave this to my mother in law a few years ago and she loved it. She uses it frequently in the garden.

Veggie Bullet: I recently saw this online and it was being used for quick meal prep. It slices veggies in seconds.

Cart: I and many of clients have these carts and they are perfect for all kinds of things. From being used in the office to the bathroom.

Turntables: I love using these in all kinds of organizing projects. They are so versatile.

Air Purifier: This is great to keep clean air flowing in the house.

Magazine Subscription: A magazine subscription is quick, easy gift and I would also pick up the physical magazine as well and put a note about the subscription.

Sunglasses: Fun and affordable sunglasses.