Monday, April 29, 2019

Women Owned + Eco Friendly Products

Since it is earth month I wanted to share this awesome article of women owned businesses who ALSO have eco friendly practices. I am a proud woman owned business based in Houston, TX. If you didn't know already, we offer professional organizing and personal assistant services and have a passion for eco practices.

I was so happy when I got an email with this link because some of these products I had never heard of and can't wait to try some of them. Have you heard of some of these women owned businesses or tried any of these products?

Photo credit from Women Owned

Friday, April 26, 2019

Glass Recycling in Houston is Back!!

Did you hear the great news that the city of Houston brought back glass recycling? One of my concierge clients told me about it and I / many of my clients couldn't be happier. I don't know why more places don't offer recycling as an option. Does your city offer recycling?

Screenshot via City of Houston

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Eco Businesses in Houston: Baylor College of Medicine

There are so many companies throughout Houston that have various eco efforts. Some have more than others. Last year a friend reached out to me before Earth Day and said where she worked, at Baylor College of Medicine (BCM), was doing an electronics recycle. Then this year a vendor and friend of EMC, Clean Moving Crates, said they were participating in the BCM Earth Day event. I then decided to research what they are doing at BCM and, oh man, it way more than I had expected. Tons of recycling efforts, water sustainability, energy sustainability and so much more. I was so happy to see this. Check out what they are doing here and how you can get involved.

Photo by Gary Chan on Unsplash

Monday, April 22, 2019

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! Go do something good for the planet we love.

Photo by Miriam Espacio on Unsplash

Friday, April 19, 2019

5 Eco Changes you can Make this weekend

Since it is Earth Month I thought I would do another installment of 5 eco changes you make this weekend. You can view pasts posts here and here.

Don't run the water when you are not using it. I know you have heard this before, but if you are brushing your teeth or doing stuff in the kitchen, don't let the water just run. Turn it off and then back on when you need it.

Switch to green cleaning supplies. Instead of using so many chemical cleaners try switching your cleaning products to ones that don't use as many harsh chemicals.

Volunteer for an environmentally friendly organization. Give back to a worthy cause you love.

Adjust your thermostat setting. This helps save on energy.

Buy locally grown produce. You are supporting local farmers and reducing "your" footprint by buying produce that does not need to be transported as much.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Top Takeaways NAPO Houston Professional Organizers Learned from the NAPO 2019 Conference

Did you go to the NAPO 2019 conference? So many Houston organizers attended because it was basically in our backyard. I asked Houston organizers to submit their top tips they learned from conference and here is what some organizers had to say. 

Adonna Braly with Clutter Roundup: "In one of the educational sessions, I learned that there are 4 roadblocks to effective time management – emotional, environmental, intellectual and social – and how to reframe each one for optimum results. I also learned that the networking, camaraderie, and fellowship with my fellow organizers is priceless. It’s really the reason I go to conference and never fails to be the best part!" 

Donna Matthews with Slay the Chaos: "Your brand is not a logo - it’s a feeling, perception, experience AND a promise...I've been thinking about what my promise is and how to align all my efforts accordingly."

Stephanie King with Status Organized: "Loved the welcoming and warm-hearted members of new tribe. Learned about creating resiliency to get through life. ABC Method: 
(A) Accept Reality: you may not be able to control a situation but you CAN control your response to the situation 
(B) Behave Productively: 5-4-3-2-1-MOVE (or write or leave the house or exercise, etc....a little oomph to start a process)
(C) Control Upsetting Thoughts: use realistic statements or mantras to quiet the negative talk"

Ellen Delap with "From the Presidents perspective. Attending conference helps you grow your career and business. Connection in real life is priceless."

Melony Davis with All About Space Organizing: "One of the workshops encouraged us to ask for an Emergency Contact and Phone #, as well as any preexisting medical conditions that we might need to be aware of as we work together. Thought these were great ideas! (So many more.)"

Amy Vance with Eco Modern Concierge: "I learned so much from conference as always. One of my main takeaways gathering all the information in one place in case something happened to me and someone needed to access my business info. I have all the info, but not in one go to place for someone to access. This is definitely something I will be working on soon."

Monday, April 15, 2019

Houston Organizer & Concierge's Most Liked Post in March

Hiring a professional organizer and concierge in Houston is a big step for many people so I try to showcase a little bit of what I do on my social media like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter so you can follow along with a little behind the scenes glimpses. The picture above was the most liked photo on Instagram this past month. I transformed this coat closet into a pantry at Kirby Collection here in Houston because this particular apartment did not have a pantry. Do you need help getting your pantry organized? 

Friday, April 12, 2019

10 Things that Make Me Happy: March 2019

  1. Having a Saturday and Sunday off to spend time with Bryan. I went and got a facial, we went and got massages, had a date night at Frank's American Revival and then ended the night with dessert at House of  Pies.
  2. Seeing all kinds of acts at Rodeo Houston. Including Brooks & Dunn, Luke Bryan, Tim McGraw, Kane Brown, Chris Stapleton, Santana, Kings of Leon and GEORGE STRAIT!!
  3. Going to George Strait with Bryan, my mom and mother in law.
  4. Going to the Las Vegas Golden Knights hockey game in Dallas with Bryan. 
  5. Visiting my grandparents after working for a client that was nearby.
  6. Finishing up some large client projects. 
  7. Earning my Household Management specialist certificate from the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO).
  8. Having dinner with friends at Chez Nous in Humble. 
  9. Checking out some new restaurants part of the Agricole group at the National Concierge Association of Greater Houston's March meeting. 
  10. Having afternoon tea at Hotel Granduca with my brother in law's girlfriend, my mother in law, and aunts. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Houston Organizer // Client Bad Ass Mama: Kitchen Organization

With this client we slowly worked through most of the house and the kitchen was a big undertaking. We did not purge a ton of items because she wanted to keep most everything. She had a ton of overflow, so we tried to make it fit the best we could and I think it worked pretty well! 
  1. We sorted.
  2. Grouped like items together 
  3. Organized using what she already had. 



Monday, April 8, 2019

Client West U Mama: Toy Closet Organization Before and After

About a year ago we helped this client turn their toy closet into a functional space. We added some new product that they had bought and then also used product that they already had in order to keep most toys in here. 
  1. I sorted all the items.
  2. Contained them.
  3. Organized. 
  4. Labeled. I hand did the labels and the client chose to keep them like that at the time. 
You can find some similar products used on this project here:

Mesh baskets

Friday, April 5, 2019

Fun Eco Activity for Kiddos Part 2

I am not sure if you remember from a while, but we included a fun eco activity for kids thanks to and we are at it again for earth month 2019. "Incorporate some awareness for your young learners with this Earth day word search. For more fun and engaging educational activities, go to!" It's always great to have something fun and educational for kids to do. This is a great way to teach them about the importance of earth day today and always. 

Here is the word search legend:

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

NAPO Conference Packing List: What I am Packing for the Conference This Year

I am headed to the NAPO Conference today and am super excited to see all of my professional organizing friends from Houston and beyond, meet new ones, and learn lots from all of the classes. Here is a glimpse of what I am packing on the trip. If you know me personally and have been following on here for a long time you know that I am passionate about eco products, but sometimes I like non-eco products or use things because of recommendations, gifts, etc. I am many shades of "green", but I will be sharing some of my favorite eco products below as well. 

Here is a similar duffle bag that I have had for years and LOVE. I noticed that my exact one is no longer on their website, but they still have the leather version. 
Packing cubes that I used. 

***sorry not sure why the pictures came out so blurry this time.

Toothbrush: necessity. 
Toothpaste: necessity.
Living Proof humidity shield: my brother gave this to me for Christmas and I like is so far. Houston humidity is no joke. 
Lulu Organics dry shampoo: I have been using this for years and really like it.
Sunday Riley C.E.O.: I was given this as a gift and really like it so far.
Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser: I LOVE this cleanser and have been using it for years.
Tata Harper Floral Essence: I like this as a little refresh.
Say YES to Cotton face wipes: I saw, I think, Donna Karen rave about these in a magazine and really like that they are not scented and feel great.
Venus travel razor: I love this compact razor with the case.
Ursa Major Deodorant: I just got this natural deodorant not long ago. I have tried SOOO many. So far I like it.
Travel floss picks: I saw these at the store and liked that it came in a little case.
Wet mini hairbrush: necessity.
Hair ties: I really like these hair ties that were recommended by a friend. 
Cotton Swabs: necessity. 
Shower cap: because I don't wash by hair everyday.
La Roche-Posay ultralight sunscreen: I just starting using this because 2 of my clients that are doctors both recommended it. 

For the purse

Hand wipes: I really like the ones in the link, but this was convenient when I was at the store.
Aesop hand sanitizer: I like to have hand sanitizer around when I travel in case I need it.
Tide stick: for those pesky stains and since I am wearing white pants and jeans I have a feeling I may need it.
Thieves spray: this is great to use to spray down things in the hotel room.
Lysol spray: same as above. 
Band-aids: just in case.
Band-aid friction stick: perfect in case I need it from all of the walking I will be doing. 
Doterra orange essential oil: I use this as a hand sanitizer at times.
Avene spray: I like to use rose spray because it is so refreshing and this is the same refreshing feeling. 

Wellness and "Just in Case" bag

Elderberry vitamins: to help fight illness.
Multivitamin: because I need to take my vitamins.
Doterra On Guard pills: to help with illness.
Candle: because sometimes hotel rooms can be stinky.
The Laundress crease release: to help with wrinkles in my clothes.
Mini lint roller: just in case I need it.
Emergen-C: to help me not get sick.
Drip Drop: to help me with hydration and just in case I get a hangover from all of the celebration going on ;)
Advil: because sometimes I get hunger headaches and same as above.

Electronics needed

Bose headphones: I had wired Bose earbuds before and love these wireless ones as well.
External charger: in case my phone needs extra juice.
iPhone charger: because I have an iPhone. 
Earplugs: this is my first time having a roommate, so just in case I need them. Love ya Michelle!

Notebook for ALL the notes I will be taking.
Thank you cards in case I need to send some.
Stamps. Same as above.
Business cards because you hand them out a ton.
Sharpie that writes on glossy business cards. Thanks Ann for the tip!

Snacks just in case I get hungry. I mean, I really like to snack. I like to use reusable bags like these to store my snacks. 

Clothes. This is one of my favorite JCrew tops. Of course have to represent my Astros!
Shawl because it gets cold in the conference rooms. 
Tennis shoes to work out in.
Casuals shoes that are comfortable to walk all over in.
Boots because the president's party is western themed. 
Swimsuit because the hotel has an indoor pool and you never know if you might want to go for a swim. 
Jewelry. I got this jewelry pouch years ago and really like it because I don't where a ton of jewelry.