Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Office Organization

One thing in my house that gets cluttered super fast is the office. I help people all the time get organized, but many of times it seems like I have the hardest time myself staying organized. Lately, I have been doing really well though.

Here are some tips to keeping your office organized

  • Have bins, baskets, trays or whatever it is that you need to help you stay organized. Just don’t get used to putting anything in them to get stuff out of the way. Make them designated for specific things.
  • File cabinets are a must. Keep up with your filing. This makes things so much easier when you are trying to look for something whether it is bills or stuff for your taxes.
  • Shelving. This is great to put notebooks, binders, supplies, etc on.
  • When mail comes in do something with it right away. Whether that is shred, file, recycle or needs to be paid bin. Don’t let it get piled up.
  • Keep it clean. For me when my workspace is clean I tend to be more productive and don’t get distracted as easily.
  • Make your supplies easily accessible to you so you don’t have to scramble when you are looking for something specific and in a rush.

Monday, June 28, 2010


I am by no means a relationship expert, but often times it becomes difficult to keep that “flame” alive when you and your significant other are busy and you tend to have less and less time together. You have to make time. One thing that I think has been great for my boyfriend and I is that we try to get away from Houston at least one weekend a month. This doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many inexpensive things that you can do together. The months that we are not able to get away, we try spending one or two nights together at a hotel in town or somewhere in the surrounding cities. It is a great time to reconnect.

Friday, June 25, 2010


Challenge yourself to read something new every week. I love reading and have been going to the library a lot lately. I have so many recommendations from friends and family of books that are a must read. There are also several business and art blogs that I try to read several times a week along with the newspaper.

I love learning and gaining new knowledge and reading various resources is great way to gain this knowledge. If reading is not your thing, try talking with new people or watch videos online. Knowledge is contagious.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


There are many things that are stress relievers and meditating is one of them. It is something that I recently got more into as business has picked up and things have become more stressful for me.

You can go anywhere you want to meditate, whether it is outside or just in another room. I like to meditate in the mornings when I am the only up and it is calm and peaceful. Houston is hot in the summers, but when it cools down I love to go to the back yard and meditate. Whether it is 5 minutes or an hour, I always feel more relaxed and peaceful.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Try Something New

Try one new thing that you haven’t once a week. I think that it is very important to do something you normally wouldn’t do and just have fun. Most cities have cheap things and/or free things to do on the weekends.

Doing new things helps you see things differently and many of times helps others to become more cultured. I would suggest doing something that you normally wouldn’t do. This can be as simple as just walking around a new park or going skydiving. Have fun!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Essential Summer Items

There are many things that are essential for the summer. I have been to many festivals and outdoor events since the beginning of summer and there are several things that I am constantly taking with me.

  • SUNSCREEN. It is very important to always wear sunscreen. It is the best way to prevent yourself from cancer, wrinkles and skin damage.
  • Hats. You want to protect your head from the sun and it helps with overheating.
  • Water. I bring my Sigg water bottle with me when I am outdoors.
  • Blankets. I have been to a lot of events lately that are outdoors where you are able sit on the grass or hills and the blankets have come in handy.
  • Plastic bags. To put your stuff in if it rains.
  • Umbrella.

I know that many events won’t always let you bring these items in, but if they do I would suggest trying to bring them.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


One of the things that I have trouble with is keeping up with my mileage. If you are a small business owner, this is usually a must if you go to meet clients or do anything work related that causes you to drive somewhere. I know several people who have estimated what their mileage was on their taxes and the IRS has audited them. Since they didn’t keep a mileage log they had to end up paying taxes on that because they had no proof.

This is a very frustrating, tedious and necessary thing to do if you are trying to be the most accurate on your taxes. Mileage books are available at various stores and certain planner companies have where you can buy extra insert pages for your planner.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Russell+Hazel Products

Russell + Hazel make paper products that I love. Besides being cute, many of the products are made of recyclable material, which many of know that is a huge plus for me. Below are my newest items that I got. If you would like to check out the whole line of Russell + Hazel products visit their website.

***I didn’t receive compensation for this post, I just love their products.