Friday, August 30, 2013

Organizing Photos

Lately I have been trying to organize all my photos printed and digital. Every one has a different way that they like them organized. I like to have photos digital, but I prefer to have the printed or developed and put into photo albums. This past week I have been finally organizing all my photos. I have 500-600 that I had printed and needed to go into albums, but I had been putting it off because I like to write on the back of the photos the date, where it was and who is in the photos. My idea is that from years from now someone can pick up the photo and know exactly what was going on. I really like to have the same albums, but many like the ones of above, were given to me and it is hard for me to find the exact ones since they are discontinued. One thing that I would like to start doing, but haven't been doing is to organize my photos by date. I have too many already in albums to want to go back and do that, but hopefully it is something I can start in the future. 

Besides finally getting all my back photos into the albums, I put all my photos online to a photo website I use. I usually use to print my digital photos because they usually have the best deals. You can upload your photos and just add them to your cart when you are ready to print them. I am starting to upload my photos that I take onto Snapfish as I upload them to my computer. This way there is no confusion as to what I have and haven't printed. So far it has made life easier.

The photos that I really want to get printed are the ones from my wedding. We still haven't done it because I know it is going to be expensive and I am just dreading it. Plus, I want to print all the pictures from our showers, various events and happenings documented along the way and the rehearsal (our photographer photographed that too). Above are the albums that I want to use in the green, blue and grey. I wish they were cloth and less expensive, but I really like them. You can find them on Amazon.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Personal Blog

So I have another blog that is a personal blog about my husband and I's life happenings. It was first started in January 2012 to document our wedding planning, but that went by the waste side quick, so I am slowly, but surely posting several things leading up to our wedding and will eventually post pictures from our wedding. The whole process was not nearly as stressful as I thought and I loved every minute of it especially our wedding day. 

Feel free to check out the blog here:

Monday, August 26, 2013

New Business Cards

So after a long break. I am finally starting to post again. 

Here are my new business cards that I got in several months ago. Avie Designs designed the card and I added the gold edging myself, which I love.