Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Current Reading List

Since today is the last day of National Reading Month I thought I would post what I have been reading recently. Lately I have not been reading as much or consistently like I would like to. These are some books that are currently on my nightstand that I read a little hear and there when I get a chance. I like to page mark, highlight and reference back to books, especially non fiction books. That is why I also prefer to have an actual book in hand, rather then reading an ebook.

Full Catastrophe Living: This book talks a lot about how stress can affect our life and bodies in various ways. It is a beginner introduction into mindful meditation. I often stress the small things and have been trying to work on it. 
The Power of Now: This book is really a great book and a plus was that part of my 40 Day Challenge with Big Yoga they gave us this book for completing one our weeks of yoga. How cool is that? Many love this book. This book is all about letting go of the past and being present. 
The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: Maire Kondo This is a book I have seen so many different people talk about it, so I thought I would give it a go. It does have some very helpful hints. Although, I do not agree with all of her suggestions as an organizer. I can totally see why people love her way of doing things. This book is all about getting rid of things and simplifying your life.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Herb Garden

This was a post I meant to post last Spring and since the herb garden is basically the same I thought I would go ahead and post it. 

Since moving into our new house one thing that I had at our old house and really wanted at the new house was an herb garden. We tinkered on different ideas of whether to have it raised on the ground or up off the ground, that way we could move it. 

My concerns were that I didn't want treated wood to be used for the majority of it, so it would be cedar and galvanized metal or a stone herb garden. I decided to use stone. We had some extra stones in our yard and just decided to use those. 

Here is what we did (it's super easy): 
  • Used 20 stones and we did two layers on top of each other to form a rectangle
  • Lined the bottom with newspaper
  • Then organic compost 
  • Then organic soil
  • Plant the herbs
  • Label if you want. I had metal labels made years ago that I got off of Etsy.
  • Done!

I got the herbs from Whole Foods and a local nursery that I found at a farmers market called New Leaf Nursery. When we first did this herb garden the herbs did amazing. Then winter came and many died off while many others did awesome. Now that Spring is here, some of the ones that died have come back to life. They need full sun. I water mine about every 2-3 days.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Meditation Items: What I Use to Meditate

I don't always meditate as much as I would like to, but when I do I feel much more centered and at peace. I really need to make it a constant habit (I've been trying).  Big Yoga's 40 day challenge really made me get into it a little more. I use mediation timer apps to help with guided mediations. You can do all kinds of guided meditations where people talk, different meditations last various lengths, etc. Below are a list of items that I have around me when I meditate. I meditate in our sunroom that I have no clue what to do in there, so it has been a great space to mediate in. I love the idea of meditating outside too. 

Cushion are great because you want to have something comfy to sit on. I got these poufs at Target on clearance.

I have a little table set up beside the cushions that has all kinds of things on it. It varies from person to person. I would like to put a picture on there too at some point. I usually don't use incense and a candle at the same time. Most all of the time I use the incense instead of a candle. 

I also have a small buddha that I find to be calming and some mala beads that help you to focus and concentrate when meditating.

Monday, March 23, 2015

How to Green Your Easter

There are many ways to go green during Easter. Try to buy less for the holiday if at all possible. With that said below are some eco options during Easter time.
  • Reuse baskets from year to year. If you must get a new basket I always see a ton of options at places like Goodwill.
  • Use shredded newspaper or magazines for Easter basket "grass".
  • Dye eggs naturally using spices/vegetables. Here are some options here. Of course, there is always Pinterest with a ton of options. Also, I saw at Whole Foods that they have natural dye packets. 
  • Eco, compostable eggs made from plants.
  • Check out resale shops or make your own decorations.
  • Use local or fair trade chocolate from places like Tejas Chocolate (spotted their chocolate at Jane and John Dough Bakery), Araya Artisan Chocolate, The Chocolate Bar and Cacao & Cardamom.
  • Give plants as gifts like herbs or Easter lilies. 
  • Cook an Easter meal with in season veggies. 
  • Donate or give away Easter items you no longer use.
  • If you are using disposable plates/utensils use bamboo or a brand that is compostable. You can find tons of options online or at places like Whole Foods.
  • Buy eco toys. There are many options on Amazon. Most toy stores now have great eco plastic and wood toy options. 
  • Buy items from local shops. There are great shops all over Houston that I love like Revival Market (food items), Penzy's (spices), Biscuit Home (kids, adults, home, etc), and Space Montrose (stationery, jewelry among all kinds of items). I will need to do a future post of local places in Houston that I really like.
Do you have any eco Easter options?

Thursday, March 19, 2015

My Go To Tech Items

I have many go to tech items that I use on a regular and semi-regular basis. Here is what I am using on rotation. I love using this wireless keyboard to use with the iPad. It is also great to use with a desktop computer. 

This wireless mouse is great for using with the computer or iPad, especially if you are not a fan of using the trackpad on your computer. This remote is great to use for presentations or I use it for my music on my computer from time to time. 

The octopus I use when I have several things that need to be in usb ports on my computer at the same time. I use the card reader very often, especially now that I have a "fancier" camera. I love it. Of course, my external hard drive that I use to back up my computer, which I do not do as often as I should. 

My husband got me this Solio solar charger many years ago and I love it. It works great in a pinch, but I must admit I don't bring it with me on a daily basis. I mainly use this when I go on vacation or camping. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Made in the USA + Eco Item: Badger's Headache Soother

I read about this Badger Headache Soother over on Cup of Jo and had to try it. I was amazed when I used it and my headache did actually go away. I have to say that it hasn't always helped my headache and I have had to take some pain relievers here and there. I am still a believer in it and will continue to buy it, until I think it isn't worth it, but I don't foresee that happening any time soon, if at all. I have not been able to find this in any local grocery, specialty or pharmacies in Houston and ended up ordering it off of

Monday, March 9, 2015

Updated Dog Friendly Restaurants in Houston, The Woodlands, and Galveston

Below are some links to updated lists and new links to restaurants that allow pets in the area:


Also, here are some websites to check out that tell you where dogs are allowed in your area:

Eco Modern Concierge

Friday, March 6, 2015

EWG's 2015 Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen List

Every year the Environmental Working Group comes out with the years dirty dozen and clean fifteen in regards to fruits and vegetables you should buy. Above you will find the charts from their website with this years list. The dirty dozen are fruits and vegetables that are best bought organic because they have higher pesticide residues on them. While the clean fifteen, are the ones that are not as bad not bought organic as they have lower pesticide residues on them. I try to buy organic when I can and if it is cost effective. 

Another rule of thumb and way to look at it is that most of the time the fruits and vegetables with a harder skin are usually ok if you don't buy them organic. 

Photo: EWG

Thursday, March 5, 2015

CLOSED Giveaway: The New Health Rules

We have a fun giveaway going on right now. I love this book, it is easy to read and has great, helpful tips in it.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Magazines: What to do with them

I am very guilty of subscribing to way too many magazines, but the thing is I use them for research for clients and read every one. I know it is not the most eco thing, but like I have stated on here many times before, I am a visual person and like to see things and be able to flip through magazines like I like to do with books too. 

Here are things you can do with old magazines:
  • Donate them to hospitals, shelters or charities.
  • Roll up and put them in boots. I have done this for years and it helps them stand up and keep their shape.
  • Shred up and use instead of fake Easter grass in Easter baskets.
  • Reuse to make vision boards. 
  • Reuse for school projects and crafts.
  • Make envelopes.
  • Make inspiration books. Clippings of things that appeal to you. I will do a post on this later of the ones I created years ago and still use to this day.

Monday, March 2, 2015

How to Clean Your Dishwasher

Just like your washing machine, the dishwasher is something you don't think about cleaning on a regular basis, if at all. It is a very simple thing to do. 

  • Take racks out of the dishwasher
  • Pour about 2 cups of vinegar at the bottom of the dishwasher
  • I run mine on the longest cycle without the heated dry
  • Get cotton swabs and clean in between the crevices where the hinges of the dishwasher are
  • Get a stainless steel cleaner (if your dishwasher is stainless) or cleaning wipe and wipe down the front of dishwasher and the front inside of the door if it looks like it needs to be wiped down