Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Organizing Greeting Cards

Organizing greeting cards is a hard thing to do and I searched Pinterest up and down trying to figure out the best way to organize / display them because there are some that I really wanted to keep. One way that was suggested, that I tried, was to get metal rings and punch a hole in two areas of the card and put rings in the two holes punched. See below.

I really didn't want to do that with some because I was thinking in the future I may want to display some in frames, etc. So I came up a way that I know is tedious, but essentially how I wanted to display them. I purchased clear projector sheets 100 sheets for $21 at OfficeMax (in case there was something on the back of the card / envelope I wanted displayed), a binder from Target that I really liked, sheet protectors I already had (but that can be purchased at OfficeMax), bakers twine, scissors and tape. I decided to work on cards that I had given my husband throughout the years of dating and marriage that he had been keeping in a file folder. I also did the cards we got from our wedding too.

  1. Cut strips of bakers twine and tape
  2. Arrange the cards on the projector paper 
  3. Put the string down the middle of the card and tape down
  4. Put into sheet protector (optional)
  5. Put into a binder

There may be a more effective way that I just didn't think of too, but this way worked for me. I know this isn't a very environmentally friendly thing to do as it's so much plastic. The binder is the Greenroom eco line at Target. I am eco in many many other ways. I can't always be perfect in that aspect, but do the best I can.

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