Monday, November 13, 2017

2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Made in the USA

Bondic: I gave this to my husband last year and it really works. It is a liquid plastic welder that bonds things together.

Lewis Bag: For the martini lover. You put ice in the bag and then bang it with a mallet to crush it up.

Facial Hair Remover: I have seen so many people rave about these, but I have never tried them.

Ladies Pink Whiskey Glasses: I know I put Manready Mercantile products on here last year, but I really love this store.

Zippo Lighter: You always need a lighter whether you are a smoker or just love to burn candles.

Goode Company Pecan Pie: Some damn goode pecan pie. The perfect hostess gift.

Ulu Knife: Perfect addition to any kitchen.

Glass Pitcher:Simon Pearce has some absolutely gorgeous products.

Cocktail Napkins: I also included Hibiscus Linens last year and LOVE all of their products.

Ceramic Beaker: I first saw this in a Texas Monthly issue and thought it was so beautiful.

The Body Deli:I have several clients that use The Body Deli products and turned me onto them.

Bag tag: I also saw this maker in Texas Monthly and instantly swooned over all the leather goods.

All photos from the links provided for each item

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