Monday, July 31, 2017

Update of 2017 Goals

Since it is July and a little over half way through the year. I thought I would do a check in of my 2017 goals because I need to be held accountable. My current update status is in red. What are some of your updates on your goals this year?

2017 Personal Goals

Read more. I am really disappointed in myself that I didn't read as much as I would like in 2016. I read a TON of magazines, but not very many books, which is a shame because I love reading. I have been doing SO much more reading so I am happy to say yes! this is working and I still plan to read lots more this year.

Learn to play the freaking piano. This has been a goal of mine for many, many, many, many years. I need to really learn this year. STILL have NOT done this. I NEED TO DO THIS!

Be present. This was on my list a few years ago, but this is something that my husband brought up. When we are driving in the car the other person in the passenger seat is usually on their phone or if we are watching t.v or a movie one, if not both of us, are on our phone. Basically we need to PUT THE DAMN PHONE DOWN. Yes, I have been better about this, but still have not given my full attention.

Make healthier choices. This is so cliche, but it is really something that I need to focus on this year. I consider myself ok healthy, but didn't really make it a priority last year and need to this year. I exercised ok this past year, but did not do nearly as much yoga or exercising as I would have liked. My husband and I have made a ton more healthier choices this year, but STILL needs lots of improvement.

Listen better. I know I listen, but a lot of times not everyone has my full undivided attention. I want to REALLY listen and not passively listen. I feel that I have done a lot better job at listening this year, but there is always room to grow as well too.

Get rid of toxicity. There are things that I do or people in my life that are just plain toxic and it is time to say bye bye to negativity. It brings me down and I frankly don't care to make time for it. I am going to start doing what makes me happy and maybe change my outlook. Put a positive spin on the negative things. This year has been pretty cleansing, but there are still a few things I want to say buh bye to.

2017 Business Goals

Up My Promotional Material Game. I'll put this one on here again because I really need to do it. I have already started and created a plan. Yes! I got lots of new promotional material and love it.

Streamline the Accounting. Accounting is something I absolutely do not like, but obviously need to get paid :). I do most things by hand or in spreadsheets and the hard way when it comes to accounting for whatever reason and it's not great because I am a professional organizer and all about streamlining. Plus, I have helped tons through the years streamline. As the saying goes, the cobblers kids...... I did streamline the accounting, but still have some work to do on it as well.

Improve SEO. I need to work on this and have been thinking about it for many, many years. I have had some recommendations of companies to check out, so I plan on doing something in 2017. I have taken some steps on the backend of things to help improve SEO, which I feel that it has, but I still want to improve it more.

Gain new clients. This has come naturally through the years, mostly word of mouth now, but I always want new clients. I absolutely love what I do and truly strive to do my best for my clients. This is a goal every year even though I don't necessarily put it on the blog every year. Surprisingly and thankfully, when I raised my rates after the NAPO conference I got several new clients. Of course, I ALWAYS want more new clients, and am extremely thankful for my current and new clients.

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