Wednesday, April 12, 2017

11 Ways to be Productive Throughout the Day

I know you have probably read 5 million different things on how you can be productive throughout the day, but I wanted to share some tips on what I do when I have the most productive days.

Prepare for the next day the night before. Lay clothes out the night before, get all papers and supplies ready for the next day, prepare as much of your breakfast / lunch for for the next day. When I do these things I feel way more at ease and ready to tackle the next day. Plus, I am not running around like a mad woman the next morning trying to get all these things done.

Get enough rest. When I get the proper amount of sleep I feel WAY better, like most do.

Get up early. I am a morning person and feel that I can get SOOOO much done early in the morning when there are few distractions. Plus, I get up early so I can beat the horrible Houston traffic.

Clean off counter tops / do the dishes. The night before or the morning before I leave for work I like to make sure the counters are clear and the dishes are done. This makes it easy when I come home from work to get started on dinner.

Make the bed. I don't know why I feel better when I make the bed in the morning, but I do. Mornings that I leave before my husband, he will often do it. It is something that is so simple and quick. When I come home it feels like things are more complete.

Drink lots of water. This is something I have been trying to do more of the past year and I think I have accomplished it pretty well, but of course there are days / weeks that I don't drink enough. The key for me is to carry around a bottle of water around with me always and refill it throughout the day.

Exercise. This is something that I have struggled with through the years, but when I exercise at the beginning of the day I feel SO good throughout the day. My exercise of choice, as you may know, if you have been reading a while, is yoga. I love the stretch I get early in the morning.

Listen to music. Listening to music gets me pumped up for the day and during the day.

Take breaks. It is important to take breaks throughout the day to regroup. For me I like to get outside and walk around. There is something about being in nature that I love. I love work exploring and just taking a break by walking.

Plan throughout the day. I like to keep planning throughout the day. I utilize my planner a lot to keep track of what I need to do, clients, meetings, networking events, personal events, etc. I feel more on top of things when I plan throughout the day. It helps me stay organized and ready to continue to tackle the day.

Write things down. I constantly write things down. Just like planning throughout the day, it helps me stay organized and be productive. As a concierge /professional organizer this is a must in my book.

How do you stay productive throughout the day?

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