Friday, March 31, 2017

Eco Easter Ideas and How to Green Your Easter

The last few years I have done various eco Easter posts on the blog and wanted to post about them again. Here is eco Easter egg options. Here is how to green your Easter.

There are many ways to go green during Easter. Try to buy less for the holiday if at all possible. With that said below are some eco options during Easter time.
  • Reuse baskets from year to year. If you must get a new basket I always see a ton of options at places like Goodwill.
  • Use shredded newspaper or magazines for Easter basket "grass".
  • Dye eggs naturally using spices/vegetables. Here are some options here. Of course, there is always Pinterest with a ton of options. Also, I saw at Whole Foods that they have natural dye packets. 
  • Eco, compostable eggs made from plants.
  • Check out resale shops or make your own decorations.
  • Use local or fair trade chocolate from places like Tejas Chocolate (spotted their chocolate at Jane and John Dough Bakery), Araya Artisan ChocolateThe Chocolate Bar and Cacao & Cardamom.
  • Give plants as gifts like herbs or Easter lilies. 
  • Cook an Easter meal with in season veggies. 
  • Donate or give away Easter items you no longer use.
  • If you are using disposable plates/utensils use bamboo or a brand that is compostable. You can find tons of options online or at places like Whole Foods.
  • Buy eco toys. There are many options on Amazon. Most toy stores now have great eco plastic and wood toy options. 
  • Buy items from local shops. There are great shops all over Houston that I love like Revival Market (food items), Penzy's (spices), Biscuit Home (kids, adults, home, etc), and Space Montrose (stationery, jewelry among all kinds of items). I will need to do a future post of local places in Houston that I really like.
Do you have any eco Easter options?

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