Friday, March 10, 2017

Eco St. Patrick's Day Ideas

There are so many eco things you can do for St. Patrick's Day if you are one for celebrating. This year it is on a Friday, so hopefully you have the weekend off if you celebrate. Here is a small list of ideas:
  • Get to know your local area. If you are in Houston you can drink local beer as you float down the local Buffalo Bayou with a boat tour. Details here.
  • Drink a green juice. Trade in the green beer for a healthier alternative like a green juice. 
  • Wear what you have. Don't go out buy new clothing to celebrate if you don't have to, just where something green if you already have it. If not, buy organic or support local. 
  • Support local. Drink local beer or bike/walk/carpool to local events if you are going out. 
  • Eat organic, local food. If you are cooking buy organic &/or local food. There are many farmers and meat markets around Houston where you can get organic and sustainable food options. 
  • Reuse. Make your own decorations and use ones from previous ones. 
  • Plant something green. Help the environment out and plant something green whether this is a tree, herb or succulent. 
  • Recycle. If you are hosting a party or going out, recycle what you can. Whether this is cans, plastic, paper, etc.

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