Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A Day in the Life of a Houston Concierge: Eco Modern Concierge During Houston Super Bowl 51

During Super Bowl 51 I rented a loft in Downtown Houston because I knew there were several things that I would need to do in the downtown area leading up to / during the Super Bowl. Having a concierge company and doing various personal assistant for clients you never know what you will get asked to do, so I wanted to stay in downtown so I didn't have to worry about parking and so I could walk or take public transportation. Besides obviously having to work, I also got to enjoy various things that I normally don't get to while in downtown like going to new stores, bars, restaurants, etc. So below is just various things I did one day while in town. It wasn't my busiest day, but one full of all kinds of things. I also forgot to take photos of the entire day, but hey what can I do. 

1st I got up early to go to yoga. I go to YMCA in downtown and love it. 

Fun surprises walking to yoga. The cool thing is you can see it from the yoga room. Love is everywhere.

I popped into the office for a bit to catch up on emails and various other things. 

View from the office. It was a gorgeous day that day and a perfect day to be outside. 

Walking in downtown.

There was a pop up shop called Launch happening during the Super Bowl near Discovery Green, so I went and loved it. I got a few small items from Stash.

I stopped in Vic & Anthony's to get a gift certificate. We ended up going there later that night and met my brother-in-law and his girlfriend there for dinner. Peyton and Eli Manning happened to be there the same night. I am not an avid football fan, but it was still cool.

Super Bowl themed treats I picked up and took to a vendor. 

Greenstreet in Downtown had various pop up shops. One being Mizzen + Main that my brother-in-law raves about, so I stopped in and picked something up for Bryan for Valentine's Day. 

View from above Discovery Green. 

Filming on the balcony of one of my client's buildings. 

I went to Discovery Green to take photos of all of the Super Bowl things with my fancy camera and the Puppy Bowl was going on. It was too cute!

I am part of Tidbits Front Row and there was a free drink voucher at Brasserie Du Parc, so after I finished up work and at Discovery Green I headed over there. 

I can't remember exactly what I had, but it was something with a little spice in it and it was super good. 

More walking Downtown.

The Metro all ready for Super Bowl.

I went to check out Tongue Cut Sparrow, which had just opened the day before. It is a cool little hidden bar in Downtown. Plus, they have Buried Hatchet, one of my favorite dark beers by Southern Star.

These were mats in front of most restaurants Downtown. Later in the evening. I went back to the loft got ready for dinner and then we had a night cap at the Craft Beer Cellar and Flying Saucer. 

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