Monday, March 27, 2017

Made in Houston / Eco: Loam Agronomics

I was contacted by an awesome colleague that helped me do some marketing a while back and she is currently working with Loam Agronomics and asked me if I would post about them in exchange for a CSA box. I usually will not promote anything without using it first or knowing more about it, so I asked if I could visit the farm. They said absolutely, so along with some others we got to tour this awesome farm that is located in Richmond, TX. I have already told SO many people about it haha. I learned a TON. 

They are sustainable and are working on their organic certification. All produce comes from their farm. There was conventional farming there for some time before so they are trying to heal the land from that. The farm is 288 acres and has the potential to feed up to 10,000 people what?!?! How awesome is that! When we went out the farm with met with the guys who run it and it was refreshing that they were willing to answer any questions we had and didn't skirt around anything. They were open and honest. 

I got my first CSA box at the beginning of March and it had SO much in it. They say that one CSA box can potentially feed up to a family of 4 and you can always add boxes. You can go out to the farm and do a you can pick as well with some produce. The boxes are made from a sustainable alternative to cardboard and can be reused. 

So I am pretty pissed off at myself because I was invited out to visit this awesome farm and brought my big, fancy camera to take photos. I took a ton of photos after our tour with point and shoot. I never opened up the screen to look at the photos because it was beautiful out and I just used the automatic setting. I get home and see that my memory card was not in there so there were NO photos, except the ones I took on my phone which were not many or that great. Nonetheless, I learned a TON and here are some of the photos below. 

The sweet farm dog Nikita. 

The awesome hoop houses they made. 

Got my boot a lot more dirty 😜 and the freaking camera with no memory card in it 😭

My first CSA box with Loam Agronomics. SOOOO good!!

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