Monday, October 3, 2016

10 Things I Use on a Day to Day Basis For Eco Modern Concierge

  • Car. I use my car for everything, especially since Houston does not have a good public transit system.  I use my car to go to meetings, visit clients, run errands, etc. etc.
  • Computer. I use my computer for so many different things to write emails, send invoices, research, write blog posts and the list goes on and on. 
  • Phone. This is how I communicate with others. I receive calls from potential clients, current clients, business calls, I use it to text, send emails, and once again, the list goes on and on. 
  • Internet. This is a must as you know to send emails, invoices, etc.
  • Company Debit &/ or Credit Card. Having a company debit or credit card is a must because it helps you keep your business and personal money separate. I use it to purchase client items if needed, business lunches, supplies, etc. 
  • Cash. You never know when you will need cash for parking, to tip valet or a server, go to cash only places, etc. 
  • Phone Charger. I need my charger with me because my phone dies so quickly, especially if I am on Snapchat, Insta stories or taking some type of video. 
  • Planner. I write most of my appointments, events, to-dos, etc. in my planner. I much prefer a paper planner to an electronic one because I can make notes in it with stickies and I am a visual person so I retain more. 
  • Notebook / Pen & Pencil. I am constantly writing things down. Like I said I am a visual person, so I retain more when I can write it down. When I meet with new clients and current clients I will more than likely write, write, write so I don't miss anything.
  • Food. Throughout the day I will sometimes forget to eat and then I get really bad hunger headaches. I try to always keep snacks on me, so I can remember to eat and so I don't have to spend a whole bunch of money going out to eat.

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