Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Card Organization

I know I posted about organizing greeting cards in 2013, but I decided to change it up once again. Before I was using rings to keep all cards I receive all together, like birthdays, thank you notes, etc. I decided that I wanted to really see them without having to flip through rings. I really don' t go back to them often, but them being in rings seemed to be a hassle. 

So here is what  you need:
  • Small file boxes (I got at the Container Store)
  •  Paper cutter or scissors
  • Card Stock
  • Label Maker
  • Cards

  1. Cut however many strips of card stock. For the box I used I cut 6.5" strips and cute about 1" off the bottom to fit the box. 
  2. I labeled the card stock strips.
  3. Put inside the file box.
  4. File the cards under the correct tabs.

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