Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Planners/Calendars: Organizing your schedule

I wanted to give you a look into how I stay semi organized with my schedule. I have been using planners and calendars for years and years. I use 3 different paper ones, which is crazy I know! I tried to do digital calendars and maybe will again in the future, but paper is more my thing. I like seeing things and writing things down on paper. I have gone through several planners throughout the years.

 Franklin Covey used to make planner pages that I really like then they stopped. I would like to go back to that one day if they bring the pages back that I like and that fit in my planner binder I have. I do want to try the Simplified Planner one day too. 

  • I use one planner for personal use. (the pink one above - Russell and Hazel) This one I use for personal things like birthdays, yoga schedule, events, etc.
  • I use one planner for work use. (the blue and gold one above - Mead Cambridge Edition from Target) I use it for clients, work events, deadlines, etc. I really like this one I have for work this year because there is plenty of space to write and it is spiral. I thought it would be too big at first, but it has ended up working great so far. 
  • I use the calendar pictured above for household things that I keep in my household binder (Sugar Paper for Target). I use this for keeping track of Rothko's meds (our dog), air filter changes, when I should dust, change sheets, etc. I don't always get things done that I put on the calendar, but it reminds me that I need to do it at some point soon. 
  • Every year,  because I like it,  I get an Andy Warhol calendar to put on the wall in my office. This is great to take a quick glance at dates, especially when I am on the phone. 

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