Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015 Goals

Happy New Year! I may be the only one thinking this, but I am glad the holidays are over. I just wasn't feeling it this year. I had a lot of personal things happen towards the end of the year that just weren't great. I tried so hard to be in the spirit doing holiday type things beginning in November and through December because I really do love Christmas, but I couldn't fully pull myself out of the funk. Basically, I threw myself into work during the holidays. I committed to things and didn't really take off work like I have in the past. This next year has to be better. I wanted to recap my 2014 goals to see how I did and share my 2015 goals. 

Recap of 2014 goals:

  • Be more positive: I think I did good with this for the most part, but man some bad, unexpected things happened towards the end of the year so it was hard to stay positive. 
  • Buy a home: we did buy a home! 
  • Travel somewhere new with Bryan: We went to Estes Park with friends in May.
  • Cook new recipes often: I cooked a ton of new recipes this year. I love cooking and cook a lot, but tend to go to our "regulars". This year we both cooked things we hadn't before.
  • Try new things: I tried a lot of new things this past year and took a lot of new classes. I will share more about it in another upcoming post.
  • Continue to date Bryan and go on new adventures: we sure did have some fun this year and I got to do new things with him. He was off for 2 whole months in a row (November and December), which made it extra awesome. 
  • Shit or get off the pot about getting my Phd: well still undecided. As of right now I think it is a no, but never say never. 

2015 Goals:

Be more positive: I am putting this on here again because this is something I really want to work on and not get down on myself. Find the silver linings in situations.
Have gratitude: I guess this kind of goes with being positive. I think I am pretty good at having gratitude, but I really want to reflect on this everyday. I have sooooo much to be grateful for and really want to be aware of this.
Be more patient: This is something I am constantly working on. I can get very impatient at times and need to work on it. Bryan is so calm most of the time and I really want to take that great quality of his and adapt it into my everyday life. 
Be present: I know this is on a ton of people's goals, but I do think it is a good one. I want to cherish the small things more. I want to really pay attention to conversations with everyone, especially those who are close to me because I tend to tune things out at times or get caught up in other things. I need to stop multitasking so much when I am at home. Get off the damn phone. 
Go somewhere new: this could be on my list of goals every year. I love going new places and experiencing new things.
Stress less: this past year was stressful in many ways and this year I really want to stress less. I want to meditate more and be mindful. I really can't / don't want to deal with the stress as much this year. 
Try / learn something new: I really enjoyed trying new things last year and want to do it again. I say every year I want to perfect my Spanish more or learn the piano. Bryan got me a keyboard for Christmas just like the one I sold many years ago, so I definitely plan on learning piano. Refine my camera skills with the dslr I have. I want to REALLY learn it, although I have taken a class on how to use it this past December.
Accomplish yoga goals: I really love yoga and didn't practice as much in November and December as I should have. My yoga goals this year are to do the splits and hold a plank for 3 consecutive minutes. 
Host more parties and dinners in our new home: towards the end of last year we did end up having a lot of people over for various things. We hosted Friendsgiving this past year, I had a gift wrap party, we had BBQs, etc. It was fun and I would like to do it more this year.

Recap 2014 Business Goals:

  • Blog more for Eco Modern Concierge and my personal blog for family: haha well this didn't happen too much. Maybe this year.
  • Reach out to expand my business: Well I did do this, but didn't get the responses I was hoping for, but every little thing helped. I always learn something. I did have a successful year, which I am grateful for.
  • Don't let fear get in the way of trying new things: I went for it in a lot of situations, so I would say this was a success.
  • Finish and reevaluate my business plan: well this didn't happen. Try again this year. 

2015 Business Goals:

Blog more for Eco Modern Concierge (perhaps the personal blog too): I will put this on here again because I want to show people the progress of projects I am working on for work. It is just time consuming and blogging isn't my business. I changed the layout in December and really need to up my game with the picture taking. Perhaps start using the real camera, not just the iPhone. 
Work more and find something that really challenges me: Although I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, my business and what I do, I really want to take things up a notch this year. I am not always challenged in the ways that I wish I was. I have thought on several occasions and even put feelers out their with some of my clients, colleagues, family and friends that I may explore the idea of taking on corporate position or something that really challenges me. I really want this to be with Eco Modern Concierge, so we will see how this goes. I love my clients and soooo grateful for all of them. Of course it would be awesome to have benefits, consistent pay, etc. But you really can't beat the flexibility, creative freedom, being your own boss, among a ton of other things, when it comes to running your own business.
Collaborate with and meet new people in the area: whether this results in actual business or not I really want to get to know others in Houston and think it will be fun to see how others work.

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