Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 Goals

Wow I can't believe that it is already 2014. This past year went by crazy fast. Wow what a year it was. 

I'm usually not too big on resolutions, but this year I have personal and business goals that I hope to accomplish. These are all things that I think I can accomplish without setting myself up for failure.

Personal Goals:

Be more positive. I think in general I am a pretty positive person. I can be very positive for other people when they have situations, but when it comes to my situations I am hard on myself. There is always a silver lining in everything. 
Buy a home. This is something that Bryan and I have wanted for a long time. Last year when we went to get a mortgage, 2 different mortgage people told us that Bryan needed to be in his job for at least 2 years. Since his previous career was in construction and he is now in oil and gas. This was a little disappointing, but that just gave us more time to save. This is our year to buy a house!
Travel somewhere new with Bryan. Bryan and I love to travel and I hope to explore a new city, state or country with Bryan. This year we are going to California for our aunts wedding, which is my first time in California, but not Bryan's so hopefully we can go somewhere together we both haven't been yet.
Cook new recipes often. I cook a good amount at home and love to cook, but we often default to regular things that we like or that are easy. I love cookbooks and have so many, so we are going to try new things. Our first food adventure is going to be using our pasta maker we got for our wedding over a year ago. 
Try new things. I love trying new things and 2 things that have been on my list for years are learning the piano and perfecting my spanish conversation and writing skills. I hope to do either or both of these things this year and try something new like taking a calligraphy class or some other classes. The calligraphy class I really want to take is with Blue Eye Brown Eye, but the class offered in Houston for one day booked up within the hour and I was too late, so I am hoping to take a class from them somewhere else in Texas this year if I can't in Houston.
Continue to date Bryan and go on new adventures. Bryan and I love trying new things and going on adventures. Recently we have been trying to go to museums and attractions around Houston that we haven't been to. In September we went on a coffeehouse tour (although I don't drink coffee) to coffee places we haven't been to around Houston. We constantly go to new restaurants around town and we have been buying Groupons for various things to see all of what Houston has to offer. 
Shit or get off the pot about getting my Phd. I have been tooling around with getting my Phd for years now, but I am not sure if I want to take on that financial burden, extra stress and endless writing right now. Plus, Bryan wants to go back to school and I already have my masters, so it's his turn. I need to make a decision this year because I know if I keep putting it off I will never do it. I need to take the GRE and apply for fall 2015 admission. I took the MAT for my masters, which was actually tougher than I expected and I hear the GRE is pretty tough too. I have to apply in fall 2014 for fall 2015 admission.

I was very fortunate last year to accomplish several business goals that I had wanted to accomplish like getting the new site up and running, new logo and working with new clients. This year I have other goals I want to accomplish.

Business Goals:

Blog more for Eco Modern Concierge and for my personal blog. I hope to blog at least once a week or more. My business blog is just a mish mosh of things that I am interested in from eco to organization to products I love. My personal blog is mainly for family to keep up with where Bryan and I are at and what we are up to. 
Reach out more to expand my business. Whether this is to other businesses, individuals or organizations, I want to reach out and expand my business. 
Don't let fear get in the way of trying new things. There are times (not too often) that I don't give my full potential because of fear. This can be fear of failure, fear of being intimidated, fear of being rejected etc. I hope to overcome this more this year.
Finish and reevaluate my business plan. I started and basically finished my business plan years ago, but I really want to take a look at it again and rethink some things and finish it completely. 

What are some of your goals for the new year?

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