Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Dorm Room Organization Tips

Organizing your dorm room can you be a little tricky because you have such limited space. In another post last week I outlined Dorm Room Organization Products. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Research. Before heading off to college take the time to research Pinterest, The Container Store, Bed, Bath & Beyond, etc. to find out what you really will need to bring. Each college is different in what they provide in the rooms, so it is worth it to know what you need before you leave for college. Create a checklist and get to packing :).

Go vertical. If you can stack things up than do it whether that is starting from the floor or on your desk. This is huge space saver. There are many different bins / crates out there that are stackable.

Use over the door racks. There are SO many different over the door racks out there. There are ones for shoes, hooks, pantry alternative, etc.

Utilize storage under the bed. In dorms there is usually an ample about of storage under the bed to use. If not, you can always buy bed risers to raise the bed up more and create storage. Under bed storage bins work great.

Command hooks. They are your friend and will help you in many different ways from hanging clothes to hanging keys. Always keep extra around.

Tension rods. Tension rods help create more space whether this is in the closet, bathroom or wherever. They are relatively inexpensive.

Use wall space. If you can then change hooks, shelves, message boards, etc. on your ways. This will create more space for you to use.

What are some of your dorm room organization tips?

Photo credit: Bed, Bath and Beyond

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