Friday, August 18, 2017

5 Things to Organize This Weekend

Wallet. Most of us, men & women, have unnecessary things in our wallet. From unused cards to receipts to expired coupons. Time to purge all the things that doesn't belong in there.

Gift wrap. If you are anything like me you have a ton of gift wrapping supplies. Get rid of anything that you would not use on gifts, bags with tears, etc.

Books. Do you have books that you have been wanting to get rid of? Now is the time. Take them to resale, pass along to a friend, donate to a library, put inside of a Little Free Library, etc.

Video Games. Do you have old video games / accessories that you have no intention of ever using? Time to pass them along to others or donate to charity.

Cups. If you are anything like most people you have an unnecessary amount of cups that you have bought or gotten free. Sift through them and only keep the ones you use most often.

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