Wednesday, August 23, 2017

How to Organize Post-It Notes

Any other post-it note lovers? I use them ALL the time for work, in my planner, with clients, etc. I think they are great to help get and stayed organized. Here are some way that I organize post-it notes for clients, 

In shoeboxes - clear ones are what I use most, but I also just repurpose regular shoeboxes as well. 
Acyclic drawer dividers - I use these most often in offices and junk drawers. 
Desk organizers - these are usually tiered organizers and great if you have several different sizes. 
Stackable memo holders - these are great if you are using them in a particular area and you don't have a lot.
Letter sorters - I love using letter sorters for so many different things and they are great for post-it notes as well. 

How do you you like to organize your post-it notes?

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