Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Dorm Room Organization Products

Off to college and sharing a dorm room with VERY little space can be super challenging. I have rounded up some products to help you maximize your and get you organized in your dorm room. What are some of your products that I maybe didn't mention?

Adjustable Closet Rod Expander: Perfect for when you have a lot of clothes and need more space in those small closets.

Surge Protector: It seems like most small spaces NEVER have enough plugs. This surge protector will protect your electronics and is long enough to reach in many areas of your dorm room.

Acyclic Divided Lazy Susan: I love using these in my organization projects and think they are especially handy in dorm rooms because they can be used for bath products, school supplies, etc.

Command Hooks: You can never have enough command hooks laying around. They are perfect to hang just about anything from purses to clothes.

Over the Door Shoe Bag: These are great because you can not only use them for your shoes, you can store cleaning supplies, food items, accessories, etc.

Rolling Laundry Basket: This laundry basket on wheels is perfect when you let your laundry pile up before washing. You won't hurt yourself trying to drag around a heavy laundry bag. Just wheel your laundry around with ease.

Over the Door Hook Rack: Various over the door racks are awesome for maximizing your space and hanging items whether it is towels or clothing.

Under Bed Storage: One of the best ways to add more storage in your dorm room is to use under bed storage. You can keep anything in there from personal items to school supplies.

Message Board: This is great to keep track of important dates, reminders, schedules, note sharing with roommates, etc.

Stackable Drawers: A great way to save space is by going vertical and these stackable drawers are perfect to getting the most out of your space.

Beauty Supply Holder: Once again, an over the door product that will help you save space. If you use hair products than this an awesome way to keep track of them and not have them taking up drawer or cabinet space.

Wall and Door Rack: The great thing about this product is that it will not only save space, but is perfect for storing food items. A great alternative to a pantry.

All photos are linked above and are from The Container Store and Bed, Bath and Beyonds websites.

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