Monday, February 26, 2018

Eco Modern Concierge A Concierge in Houston: A Day in the Life January 2018

I thought I what do another installment of a day in the life post. Being a concierge company in Houston, TX I am always all over the place. Most of this is for a client that I used to work for regularly for over 6 years and this has been my routine for 2 days a week for sometime. Then it's mixed in with personal and picking up professional organizing supplies for projects. This was documented earlier in January 2018. What does a day in the life look like for you?

I started my day off with an amazing yoga class at the YMCA downtown.

Lunch on the go. 

I dropped off a package for my client. 

Whole Foods run. I go to Whole Foods and other grocery stores several times a week for so many of my clients.

This grocery list is used for many of my clients.

Checking out at Whole Foods.

I stop and pick up food at Field of Greens. Such nice folks that work there. 

Pat Greer is a great raw food chef here in Houston. The food is always fresh and SO good. 

Next stop. The Heights!

Juice Girl is the best juice place in Houston in my opinion. 

Recycling batteries and bulbs. 

HEB to pick up some items. 

After work carwash time. 

Heading to The Container Store to pick up some organizing items for. These are my favorite zip bags. 

Office Max to pick up some needed office supplies. I thought this pineapple bubble wrap was cute. 

I needed to get my car inspected and it took less then 10 minutes. Woohoo!

I recorded a short organizing video in the park across from where we used to live in Montrose.  It was a gloomy day.

Now happy hour with friends checking out Star Fish. SO good!!


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