Friday, February 2, 2018

Houston Professional Organizer's Favorite Organizing Products

This month at the NAPO Houston meeting it was all about NAPO Houston members sharing their favorite organizing products. I decided to compile their list here because there are so many fun things. What is your favorite organizing product?

Lisa Hettinger of Clean Slate likes these photo boxes from Hobby Lobby. They are archival safe. Photo from: Hobby Lobby

Michelle Smithpeter of Pretty Practical Spaces likes 3M hooks like thesethese and these. Also she likes 6 inch zip ties. The hooks are great for all kinds of things from purses to dog leashes and the zip ties are great to hang items like brooms that have loops on the end. Photos from

Mary Jo Contello of Organized by MJ likes this over the door elfa organizer. You can use it for pantries to gift wrapping. Photo by The Container Store

Sandra Medrano of Bookeeping and Beyond really likes this portable project case. She carries all kinds of supplies in it from pens & pencils to highlighters & ear plugs. Photo from The Container Store

Kate Jones likes these mini glass bowls. Although, she got hers from the dollar store. You can put anything in them from hair ties to extra change. Photo from

The Photo Nanny really likes media boxes similar to these for photo storage because they store 5x7 photos well. If you are storing photos digitally she really likes Google Drive. Photo by The Container Store.

Tamra Inglehart of Perfectly Placed really likes clear storage bins. You can store all kinds of things in them from art supplies to shoes. Clear ones are best so you can see what is inside. Photo by The Container Store.

Gayle Goddard of The Clutter Fairy really likes shallow drawer containers that fit inside of medicine cabinets. They help to contain and prevent medicine cabinet items from falling all over the place. Photo by The Container Store

Kim Porter really likes the metal label clips from The Container Store similar to these. Photo by The Container Store

Carmen Rodriguez of Butterfly In & Out really likes tiny containers like these for tacks and various little things. She also likes these plastic envelopes and  plastic envelopes like these for client documents. She also likes a binder to hold various resources. Photos by

Liana George of By George Organizing likes Thread StaxEZStax and Tidy Snap. All these products help clothes stay organized and folded. Photos by Thread Stax and

Ximena Lopez of Zensible Organizing likes this T ruler. It is especially helpful when cutting shelf liner.  Photo by

Gayle Shearer of Let'Z OrganiSe It! likes these storage containers and nitrile gloves when organizing.  Photos by Costco and

Kim Zeren of Get Organized Houston likes this OXO lazy susan. It is versatile, comes in various sizes and is not noisy when you turn them. Photo by

Dena Wilson of Places! Professional Organizing likes this wood plate rack. It is great for plates and trays. Photo by The Container Store

Valerie Thompson of Chronically Organized really likes this FreedomFiler because it is an easy way to help clients get organized with their filing. Photo by

Sabina Gartler of Savvy Home Office really likes this folding shopping cart that is great for stairs. You can take the bag off and stack items on the cart as well. Photo by

Amy Vance of Eco Modern Concierge (that's me!) really likes retractable box cutterthis label scraperthis apronthese pensthese markers for writing on boxes, and this tape roller. Photos by

Siri Slagle of Siriously Organized really likes these mesh folding bins to help with sorting, these non-slip hangers, these Madesmart drawer organizers, and these white bins. Photos by Walmart, Amazon and The Container Store.

Adonna Braly of Clutter Roundup's favorite organizing product is this Rubbermaid Spacemaker Cube.

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