Friday, October 6, 2017

10 Things People Outsource

Owning a concierge company and doing professional organizing, there are so many things that my clients in and outside of Houston outsource. Being a concierge company we are often part of the outsourcing that people do because they don't want to do certain tasks or just don't have the time. Here are 10 common things that people outsource.

Administrative tasks: There are so many resources out there where you can outsource your admin tasks. Eco Modern Concierge does a TON of admin tasks. 

Concierge / Errand services: Do you have 5 million errands and not sure how to get it all done? Call a concierge service. That is why our clients hire Eco Modern Concierge. It is because they don't have time to get everything done or just don't want to do certain things. 

Grocery delivery: There are services like Shipt and Instacart that you can use get your grocery delivered. Eco Modern Concierge often gets asked to buy groceries and people often use our services or similar services because we really get to know the client, brands they like and dislike, know when to restock, etc. 

Cleaning services: After many years of begging my husband for a cleaning person to come in, he finally caved last year and we LOVE it. Clients often outsource this and it makes their lives so much easier. 

Organizing services: Since I am a professional organizer here in Houston, I thought I should definitely include organizing on the list. There are SO many people in need of help and you can find a professional organizer in your area by going to

Food prep: A lot of my clients use individuals or services to meal prep for them. This saves them so much time and makes meal times super easy. This is especially great for busy families.

Food delivery: Do you ever order take out and have it delivered? So many people do by using apps like Door Dash, Favor, etc. I have used them especially if I am stuck at a clients house and didn't bring anything to eat. 

Research: Many clients have used Eco Modern Concierge's services to help with research whether this is for a work project or a vacation. There are various services like ours, apps and websites you can use. 

Phone answering: If you own a business you can outsource someone to answer your phone for you during business hours or during non-business hours. 

Landscaping services: When my husband and I moved several years ago, our yard size greatly increased and the previous owners said the current landscapers would give us the same rate, so we jumped on it. It is such a great thing not having to constantly do yard work. We do, do yard work in between service days, but really like outsourcing it. Many of my clients also outsource their yards and there are so many companies and individuals to choose from. 

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