Wednesday, June 28, 2017

My Favorite Blog Posts to Write

Blogging has been such an interesting thing for me. I have been blogging for Eco Modern Concierge for many years. Many of times it has been off and on. This past year it has been on more than any other years. I've never had any intentions of blogging as a career. I do it because clients and potential clients like to see that I am current and up-to-date on many things. As you probably know, my blog posts are usually pretty short, which is what works best for me and is manageable for me.

My favorite blog posts to write are probably the quick gift idea ones and the organizing posts. Since I sign confidentiality agreements with many clients there are some things that I can't post or write about, but really wish I could because there are some really cool day-to-day things that I get to do from time to time.

What are the type of blog posts you would like to see on the Eco Modern Concierge blog or which ones that I currently write do you like best?

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