Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Eco Modern Concierge Houston Eco Flyers

I have been meaning to get new flyers for a llllooooooonnnnnggggg time and I FINALLY ordered them a few months ago. So kind of a back story, I have been looking for a very specific printer for a long time. I really wanted something eco and local. Well I searched high and low and that wasn't happening, so I decided to order them online per the suggestion of my graphic designer. I couldn't find a local printer that would print eco options and that was affordable. I decided to go with and LOVE that the paper is recycled and the ink is soy ink. I ordered their sample pack 1st, which is free, to make sure I actually liked what I was getting. I was still hesitant because their preview is not the best quality, but in the end LOVED the product. I will be using them again for my printing needs. They are perfect to hand out to my concierge, personal assistant, eco consulting and professional organizing clients.

If you happen to know a local Houston printer that uses eco options please let me know!

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