Monday, October 21, 2013

Ways to "Green" Your Halloween

Below are some tips for a newsletter I wrote a while back for ways to green your Halloween. There are so many big and small things you can do, but here are a few of them.
  •       Make your own costume by using material you already have. Put twist on an outfit you may already have.  Buy one from a resale shop
  •       Even though it may cost more, buy organic make – up from places like Whole Foods it is so much better for your skin
  •       Buy biodegradable house decorations at your local farmers markets
  •       Buy fair trade and organic candy like chocolate, lollipops, and jellybeans
  •       Use soy candles
  •       Choose to carry a reusable bag instead of the plastic pumpkins. I love FEED Projects Halloween burlap bag

Websites to get organic and fair trade candy:;

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