Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Houston Professional Organizers #1 Tips for an Organized and Stress Free Holiday Season

Last month I asked some of my fellow NAPO Houston organizers and business partners #1 tips for an organized and stress free holiday season and below are their tips. What is your tip for a stress free holiday season?

Adonna Braly of Clutter Roundup: "Give experiences, not gifts."

Naomi Kealy of Charming Spaces: "Make a list for each person you're buying for so you don't forget anything or anyone. I send my kid's lists to the grandparents too!"

Michelle Smithpeter of Pretty Practical Spaces: "As you open up your seasonal decorations, attach detailed labels to each of the tubs/boxes/bags, so you know what goes back where!  And it makes next year that much easier ""

Ann Zanon of A2Z Organizing Solutions: "I keep a list of what I gave to whom every year so I don't duplicate but as Adonna said, we don't give a lot of stuff. I also don't usually give friend gifts. Instead, for many years, I have held a Cookie Decorating Party as my gift to my friends. I bake all the cookies, provide everything except a platter for them to take cookies home and we spend a Sunday afternoon, just ladies, decorating cookies, listening to Christmas music and laughing." 

Mary Jo Contello of Organized by MJ: "Make a list of everything you have to do leading up to the holiday including decorate thetree, bake, buy gifts and list the names and etc. Then try to plug dates with the task."

Dena Wilson of Places! Professional Organizing: "Do as much in advance as possible!"

Ellen Delap of "Start early! Prioritize. It’s not about doing it all. It’s about doing what has the most meaning."

Tammy Atchison of The Busy Corner: "Know your limits. It’s ok to set boundaries."

Elizabeth Wood of Clean Moving Crates: "Stock up now on hostess gifts and client appreciation gifts. I keep a stock of repurposed wine-bottle candles from Hanh Tran - she also has other glass bottles than wine that she has cut and smoothed - they are a unique and inexpensive gift that supports a local artist. I keep a drawer stocked so I just grab one as I leave for the event - it keeps me from having to stress about giving "the right thing.""

Donna Matthews of Slay the Chaos: "Simple Does It. Let it Go. A place for everything and everything a place Your Way! Also, rather than a ton of "stuff" I love to use scent to transform my home - candles, tea, oils, coffees" 💕"

Suzanne Langford of Re-Vision It!: "Putting up the big tree can sometimes be overwhelming, I now have a handful of small, 3-4 ft artificial pre-lit trees in pots. Each one is stored in its own box with one small subset of ornaments/decor and an extension cord. I can easily put one or two up at a time in 10 or 15 minutes (including tree fluffing). It naturally breaks up the decorating in manageable chunks. If I get to the big, tree, great. If not, I have lovely small trees all around! Suzanne Langford, Re-Vision It!"

Amy Vance of Eco Modern Concierge: "Start early! It makes the holidays so much more less stressful. Also, create a holiday binder with November & December calendar pages, gift lists, receipts, timelines, budgets, etc."

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