Friday, February 24, 2017

10 Qualities of a Concierge

I thought I would outline some qualities of concierge. Concierges are so many different things to different people. Below are some qualities that most concierges possess and this is definitely not all of them.
  1. Super Organized. You have to be super organized or you will get chewed up and spit out real quick. 
  2. Part Magician. Because we can often times do the impossible. ;)
  3. Be Honest with Your Clients. You have to be honest with your clients because, if not, karma is coming to get you. 
  4. Provide Excellent Customer Service. This is an absolute must.
  5. Problem Solver. Don't say I can't. If you are not sure about something, be honest and tell clients you are looking for the best solution. More than likely there is a solution to most problems.
  6. Strategist. You are constantly strategizing whether it is finding ways to handle things or planning out your day. 
  7. Open Minded. Be open minded about requests that come in. It is always interesting to do things that you may have never done before as long as it is legal.
  8. Thirst for New Knowledge. I am constantly researching, reading, trying to stay up on what is new and happening in Houston, etc. This is a must if you are helping clients who depend on you to be in the know.
  9. Resourceful / Creative. You have to have a pocket full of resources to refer to and come up with creative solutions. 
  10. FUN. Have fun with it, this makes life so much better. 

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