Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Concierge's Must Have Item: Bose Earphones

About 7 years ago I received some Bose earphones as a birthday gift. I had been wanting them and use them all the time, especially at the gym. I also use them when working from time to time. I have to walk all over downtown Houston on occasion and it's great to listen to music as I am walking.

What I love about these is they are comfortable, relatively noise canceling and durable. 2 negatives......the price and they are made in China. Seriously it seems kind of ridiculous to pay $100+ for earphones, but I have to say they have lasted well through the years. I noticed that they have changed the style of the earphones since I received mine and the price went up, but I am guessing they are still the same when it comes to comfortability.

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