Thursday, January 28, 2016

Time Saver: Lemon Water Cubes

In our neighborhood many of our neighbors have citrus trees and we are often given lemons. We planted citrus trees last year, but do not have any fruit yet. We actually think 2 of the trees died, which is a total bummer. Anyways....recently we were given a TON of lemons and usually I juice them and freeze the juice in jars. This time my mother in law suggested I put them in ice cube trays and pop into my water every so often for lemon water. Oh yea great idea MIL, why didn't I think of that sooner?! I actually have clients who do this on a regular basis as well. I guess it just needed it to hit me in the face. I juiced all the lemons in my juicer, but it is super easy to do it by hand as well. One of my clients uses Mumi & Bubi baby food trays and I love using these too because it is sooooo easy to pop the frozen lemon cubes out. They are made in New Zealand. I always put the leftover juice in jars to freeze and some in the frig to use. This is such a time saver and something that will force me to drink more water more often. I am going to post something, hopefully soon, of many time saving kitchen/meal tips I've learned from experience and from awesome clients. What are some of your time saving tips?

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