Monday, October 12, 2015

Organize Cords

There are various ways to wrangle your pesky cords that are behind appliances, cords you use every day like phone and computer, cords behind desks, etc. Here are some common items I use when helping my clients and myself wrangle these cords and how to label them.

  •        Velcro 
    •      This is what I use most often
  •        Rubber Bands 
    •      These are something that most people have 
  •     Zip Ties
  •        Cord Wraps
  •        Cord Identifiers 
    •      These are pretty inexpensive on Amazon and are plastic so you can easily identify what cords go with what
  •        Paper identifiers (not pictured)
    •      These are compact and great for miscellaneous cords you store away

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