Monday, November 2, 2015

How to Create a Reading Nook

For awhile now I had been thinking of making an empty awkward space in our game room a reading nook and I finally decided to do it. I think I like it, but I am not completely sold either. It looks a little crowded to me. Our dog, Rothko, seems to like it because we can tell where he has been laying while we are out. It was super easy to create this space. Here is what I did:
  • Measure. I measured the space to see what I wanted to go there. 
  • Decide. I knew I wanted some type of pad. I decided to go with 2 crib mattresses from Ikea because it was the cheapest option and fit the space perfect. 
  • Purchase. Purchase the pad or whatever you decide to go in your space and pad covers.
  • Add Pillows. I had a whole bunch of pillows I had stored away from when we moved, so I decided to just use all the random pillows we had. I did buy 2 pillows from Target because they were $7. 
  • Relax and Read. I knew I wanted the reading nook to be near where most of our books are at, granted we do have books spread throughout the house. I have used the space a few times and it is pretty comfortable and the 2 pads rarely separate down the middle probably because it fits in the space pretty perfectly. 

This was super cheap and easy. I used items I already had and spent around $75 for the mattresses and pad covers. They are super easy to change, so I may change the covers every so often. In the photos you will see 2 poufs that were in our sunroom and I decided to move them back to the sunroom. If we need them in the space I can always move them.

Do you have a reading nook? Do you love it?

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