Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Eco Holiday Tips

So I had every intention of writing more blog posts this month, but honestly work has been crazy and I just haven't felt like writing on here when I get home. I know this little post may be coming a little late, but here are some eco holiday tips you can follow. 

  • If you shop online try to get a majority of your items from the same place so you can reduce the amount of packaging you use
  • Make your own gifts i.e. scarves, mittens, jellies, pastries, etc.
  • Plan your shopping trips so you don’t have to drive as much and ride your bike whenever possible
  • Bring your own bags
  • Try wrapping gifts with the comics section, reuse old paper maps, and spare scrap pieces of cloth
  • Send holiday cards by using cards made of recycled paper or send e-cards
  • Buy vintage gift items or gifts cards to reduce on the amount of packaging
  •  Buy LED lights for the outside of your house and tree
  • If you are using candles during the holiday season buy soy or beeswax candles
  • Make or reuse your old decorations or if you must buy new ones buy from resale shops
  • For parties buy or cater locally
  •  Don’t use disposable plates, silverware, etc
  •  Stay home instead of traveling
  • Carpool whenever you can, especially if you will be making a lot of trips to the store

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