Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ways to "Green" Your Thanksgiving

There are plenty of things you can do this Thanksgiving season to make it a “green” one.
  • When shopping for food bring a reusable bag
  • Plan meals ahead of time so you don't over buy
  • Try to buy local, seasonal and organic food 
  • Shop at farmers markets and support local shops. Houston has a ton of great places to pick up local foods. Some of my favorites are The French Bakery, Revival Market and House of Pies
  • Try to buy items that do not have a whole lot of packaging
  • Stay at home with family
  • If you're hosting Thanksgiving, ask guests to bring their own to go containers
  • Don’t use paper plates and plastic utensils. Break out the china, silverware, cloth napkins, etc.
  • Try to buy turkeys grown without hormones and antibiotics
  • Recycle your glass, plastic and aluminum foil
  • Recycle the turkey fat
  • Donate leftovers to a shelter
  • Compost your scraps
  • VOLUNTEER at a local shelter
  • Make your own decorations, reuse the ones you have or buy some from a resale shop

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